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360° Coral Reefs | Life Below The Surface

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Short Films


The Jetlagged

“360° Coral Reefs | Life Below The Surface” is The Jetlagged’s first 360/VR experience, produced in cooperation with ZMT Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research.

Join us on a journey through the Coral Triangle and its magnificent coral reefs. These underwater gardens have the largest biodiversity of life on Earth and can only be compared to tropical rainforests.

But as the planet keeps warming, our oceans are changing. Coral bleaching, ocean acidification, overfishing and pollution are threatening the world’s coral reefs and their fragile ecosystems.

Our oceans and its reefs must be protected now for the benefit of future generations and the health of our blue planet.

This video can be viewed through a VR headset for the full experience. In the browser-based 360 version, you can click-and-drag to see the 360° view.

The film is available in English, German and Indonesian.

Produced by Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research:

Filmed & edited by The Jetlagged: