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The Nature Conservancy

Nathalie A. Chalmers

Associate Director, Communications, Global Ocean

Petra MacGowan

Reef Resilience Project Manager

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The Nature Conservancy is a global conservation organisation which believes in creating a world where people and nature thrive. Through a unique mix of open-source science and innovation, real-world solutions, and local-to-global partnerships, our goal is to unlock investment for nature. We are tackling climate change; conserving lands, waters and the ocean at an unprecedented scale; providing food and water sustainably, and helping make cities more sustainable.

IYOR Activities Plan

TNC will be celebrating IYOR 2018 through a communications campaign spanning over several months in 2018. This campaign will be based on a narrative of “a future for coral reefs”, combining cutting-edge science, innovative real-world solutions and non-traditional partnerships, providing a unique formula of hope for coral reef survival.

It’s Not Too Late to Save Coral Reefs, Mark Spalding, Senior Marine Scientist, TNC

This year has been declared the “International Year of the Reef” by the International Coral Reef Initiative, but given recent headlines, you might be forgiven for asking if this was in fact the last year for coral reefs. Coral reefs are “under siege” (USA Today), “ravaged by war” (New York Times) and “headed for [the] knockout punch” (BBC News). Even the normally conservative National Geographic has stated that the “window to save the world’s coral reefs [is] closing rapidly”.

Full article here.

Finding inspiration in the International Year of the Reef, Alison Green, TNC

In this, the International Year of the Reef, it is easy to get discouraged about the future of coral reefs and the ecosystem services they provide. Fortunately, it is not all bad news. Some of the world’s reefs are still healthy and thriving – at least for now. These places provide inspiration in a changing world.”

Full article here.

From Constellation to Coral Reefs, TNC 

We are taking to the sky—even outer space—to better see underwater. Along with Planet, a group specializing in state-of-the-art satellite imaging technologies, and the Carnegie Institution for Science, we are piloting a new level of coral understanding in the Caribbean—providing never-before-seen detail that can support smarter planning and decision making at the needed pace for meaningful coral action.

Full article here.

Last Updated: June 21, 2018