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The Reef-World Foundation

The Reef-World Foundation is a UK registered charity operating internationally to support governments and communities in sustainable consumption and production of coastal resources and marine life. Reef-World’s main project is Green Fins, implemented in partnership with UN Environment, which focuses on driving environmentally friendly SCUBA diving and snorkelling practices across the industry globally.

As part of the IYOR committee, Reef-World’s plans are underway to develop an awareness raising campaign to be released throughout the year alongside established partners and networks. The campaign will be based on the Green Fins network and guidelines.

IYOR Activities Plan

As international coordinators of the Green Fins initiative, the Reef-World Foundation is coordinating and running the online campaign released within the network: #GreenFinsIYOR2018. Four action points were selected upon biggest impact on the marine environment. They will be evenly promoted throughout the year for a 3-month period per action point with the aim to focus on each problem and associated solution.

The dissemination and creation of new materials will be overseeing by Reef-World, the messages will be shared through various social media platforms, diving platforms such as uw360, ScubaDiverLife, Blue Ocean Network, amongst others; lectures and advertisement.

Find more information here. All the images and materials are free to use.

Symbiotic Partnerships

Industry leaders have stepped up to embrace Green Fins with symbiotic partnerships with The Reef-World Foundation, driving sustainable diving as the global social norm.

Reef-World has embarked on a journey during the IYOR to develop mutually beneficial tourism industry partnerships that drive sustainable value chains by creating tangible outcomes for the ocean, communities and the economy through the Green Fins initiative. Read more here.


Last Updated: June 25, 2018