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Reef Check Malaysia

Julian Hyde

General Manager

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Focal Points

Non-Governmental Organisations

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Reef Check Malaysia focuses on four main programmes which complement each other to promote improved coral reef management in Malaysia, leading to long term conservation outcomes. Every year, trained volunteer divers help us to conduct surveys at over 200 sites in Malaysia to monitor reef health. Through our advocacy programmes we raise awareness about coral reefs and encourage people to get involved in reef conservation. We are working with management authorities to improve management and promote co-management of coral reefs. Finally, we conduct scientific programmes to improve our understanding of reefs.

Reef Check Malaysia’s Julian Hyde speaks of a warning on coral reef health for the New Straights Times.

IYOR Activities Plan

Reef Check Malaysia’s goals align closely with that of IYOR’s and we have many exciting plans for this year. Reef Check Malaysia (RCM) is planning various activities in Malaysia in conjunction with IYOR 2018. IYOR 2018 aims to strengthen global awareness of coral reefs and associated ecosystems, promote partnerships and share information between stakeholders for the sustainable management of coral reefs, as well as identify and implement effective management strategies for conservation and sustainable use of these ecosystems. This is in line with RCM’s current efforts in Malaysia, which focus on helping stakeholders to implement sustainable coral reef management. IYOR 2018 provides an opportunity to extend efforts to raise awareness among Malaysians about the value and importance of coral reefs, the threats they face and what we can all do to contribute to reef conservation.

1. Action of the Month

For every month in 2018, we will suggest an action you can take to help save our reefs. Support us in these actions and play your part in helping to protect coral reefs! For every action that you do, don’t forget to snap a photo and upload it on your Facebook or Instagram account and use the hashtags given. Let’s work together to save our reefs!

February: What do you love about coral reefs? Tell us on Facebook and Instagram!

We have just launched our very own Instagram page! Do follow us at @reefcheckmalaysia as we kick off IYOR 2018. With every monthly action, there will be a hashtag you can use as you jump on board and join us. Let’s start off IYOR2018 by spreading awareness on the importance of coral reefs. Tell us what you love about coral reefs and use the hashtag #IYOR2018Malaysia #Ilovecoralreefs #reefcheckmalaysia

2. Get Involved!

We will be organizing two beach cleanups, one in March and one in September, the latter in conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup Day. If you happen to be at any of our locations, you can come join our team and other volunteers as we help clean up the different beaches across Malaysia.

The data from these cleanups will contribute to the worldwide data collected by the Ocean Conservancy which would help identify ways to eliminate ocean trash. Here in Malaysia, RCM plans to use this data to not only raise awareness of the issue of plastic waste/ marine debris, but also to launch a broader discussion with industry stakeholders and government identify solutions to this issue.

3. Photo contest

We will be organizing a photo contest sometime towards the end of 2018. Any photos related to IYOR2018 and coral reefs will be accepted. So start snapping away and keep an eye out for more details!

  • Starting in February 2018: monthly media article.
  • 2-4 February 2018: presentation at Dive Resort Travel exhibition.
  • 3rd March 2018: beach clean-up at 7 locations in Malaysia.
  • May 2018: Presentation at Malaysia International Dive Exhibition.
  • 15-16 September 2018: National Marine Debris Awareness event – National Coastal Clean-up.
Last Updated: June 29, 2018