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International Coral Reef Society

Andréa G. Grottoli

ICRS President

Sue Wells

ICRS Conservation Committee, Chair

Organization Type

Focal Points

Non-Governmental Organisations

Social Media

The International Coral Reef Society ( (formerly International Society for Reef Studies) is the leading international association for coral reefs scientists and managers.

Our mission is to promote the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge to secure coral reefs for future generations. Founded in 1980, the ICRS has 827 members in 67 countries.

Our vision is to be a leader in coral reef scientific discovery, to contribute to the education of future coral reef scientists, and to be a strong voice for science informing policies that protect coral reefs.

We lead in scientific discovery with our peer-reviewed scientific journal Coral Reefs, our news publication Reef Encounter, by hosting the quadrennial International Coral Reef Symposium, by recognizing scientific accomplishments with awards, by supporting regional coral conferences, and by building a network of coral reef societies and chapters.

We educate future coral reef scientists by providing student fellowships and travel grants, sponsoring workshops, and supporting the ICRS Student Chapter and the Education Committee.

We are a voice for science informing policies that protect coral reefs through the publication of consensus statements, the active engagement of the ICRS Communications Committee and Conservation Committee, and engagement of ICRS Officers, Council, and Members in discussion and decision making activities from the local to the international level.

IYOR Activities Plan

ICRS Council and members

 Conservation Committee (

  • Production of briefing on impacts of sunscreens on coral reefs: February 2018
  • Articles on IYOR in two issues of Reef Encounter

Education Committee(

  • List of coral reef related courses that may be of interest to professional researchers, students or citizen scientists: Regularly updated
  • Provides an archive of educational and outreach resources, including public talks, university lectures, leaflets, booklets, and internet tools: Regularly updated
  • Members will deliver appropriate lectures about coral reefs, throughout the year, for example,
  • Young Ambassador Award that will recognize students that create media describing how they will or have already made a difference to a country’s coral reefs

Student Committee

  • Sponsor a pledge platform that will utilise and develop students’ knowledge and public engagement skills: March 2018
  • Invite and publish blog submissions and Twitter posts that highlight current efforts and events that promote coral reefs: February 2018
  • Share outreach and educational materials on blog to promote IYOR: March 2018
  • Recognize a student who makes the most significant contribution to IYOR:  December 2018



Last Updated: October 28, 2019