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Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)

Elizabeth Chafin

Communications & Development Coordinator

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Cayman Islands

Wider Caribbean

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Non-Governmental Organisations

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The Central Caribbean Marine Institue’s vision is a world with vibrant oceans and healthy coral reefs.

We will make this vision a reality by undertaking cutting edge, impactful research and transforming this research into conservation and education initiatives which will serve to bridge the gap between knowledge and action. Our goal is to become the Caribbean’s premier marine research institute, discovering real solutions to declining ocean health. Our mission is to sustain marine biodiversity through research, education, outreach, and conservation. CCMI’s current research focuses on improving coral reef restoration, building resilience, protecting biodiversity, and improving invasive species management. We also undertake long-term monitoring of coral reef health throughout the Cayman Islands.

IYOR Activities Plan

CCMI will officially begin its celebration of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) with a public, and  family-friendly event at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands on Saturday, 27th January. The theme is “Zero Impact for Coral Reefs” and will be communicated via outreach activities and marine industry partnerships throughout the Cayman Islands. CCMI will present results from its research programme through a reef lecture series to engage citizen scientists and tourism managers throughout the year, the first lecture is booked for the 8th February on Grand Cayman.

Other IYOR events include:

  • CCMI will also be providing a “Zero Impact” information pack for dive tourism and marine operators to help promote our IYOR 2018 campaign, giving them tools to help tourists reduce their impact on coral reefs.
  • During IYOR 2018, CCMI will be launching a range of volunteer opportunities, specifically to aid our Coral Reef Restoration Programme, improving the knowledge of interested citizen scientists in the region.
  • CCMI is also celebrating IYOR by launching its live, interactive, telepresence education programme, “Reefs Go Live” (dates to be announced) where students around the world can engage with researchers who will be conducting lessons live while scuba diving.
CCMI’s IYOR outreach in January 2018 engaged local stakeholders in protecting Coral Reefs, Credit – Maggie Jackson

All IYOR-specific information will be posted on our IYOR page: and shared via social media.

Learn more about CCMI’s work during IYOR within the Darwin Initiative’s Blog ‘Life Below Water – International Year of the Reef‘ here.

Last Updated: May 23, 2018