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A whole Festival dedicated to Diving in Barbados


Dive Fest Barbados

Barbados is hosting it’s 2nd annual Dive Festival July 4-8th, 2018.

The festival will focus on scuba diving and conservation efforts but will feature a little bit of everything for our land lubbers too. This year’s schedule is jam packed with adventurous dives, clean up dives and beach clean-ups, night dives, lionfish hunts, Freediving demonstrations and explanations, conservation films and coral nursery building courses and a recycled-craft boat race for fun. We’ll have free Freediving trials, lionfish samples, parties to attend and first aid seminars. Our sponsors are helping us go in to schools to do presentations on our oceans to highlight the importance of keeping it healthy and we’ll be providing swimming lessons for over 100 disadvantaged children.

This festival is going to be your best way to dive the whole island (for a discount!), come on down and experience Barbados like you’ve never experienced it before.

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