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Sustainable Diving Think Tank and Dialogue at ADEX 2018


The Reef-World Foundation

Singapore, 6th April 2018: Once again, among the excitement and fun filled schedule of the Asian Dive Expo (ADEX) in Singapore last weekend, a group of 50 industry leaders gathered for a deeper purpose.

The event was a true collaboration; Co-chaired by UN Environment and The Reef-World Foundation (Green Fins international coordinators), organized by UnderWater 360 and supported by the Blue Ocean Network. It brought together some of the giants of the diving industry to share how their businesses are working towards sustainable consumption and production patterns and minimizing impacts to life below water.

The group who gathered for this event understand their industry will face unprecedented challenges in the future as a result of climate change threatening their key asset, coral reefs. They want to be prepared and connected to a professional network of like-minded people to ensure their businesses continue to thrive.

Each segment of the diving industry was represented on a panel; Lauren Sida from Six Senses Laamu (dive resorts); Mik Jennings from Worldwide Dive and Sail (Liveaboard); Danny Dwyer from PADI and Jacki Ng from SSI (both diver training agencies); Chee Hoon from Fourth Element (equipment manufacturer); and, Jason Isley from Scubazoo (underwater photography and videography). Throughout a dialogue the panel discussed how they are building sustainability into their business models, where they are falling short and what opportunities and challenges they are meeting along their journey. Challenges such as promotional t-shirts being supplied individually in plastic bags were raised. Solutions were then offered, such as the Fourth Element t-shirts which come in 100% biodegradable bags made of cassava.

It was standing room only for the audience who enthusiastically shared their own stories of change, offered more solutions to some of the problems raised and took the opportunity to pose more questions to the panel. Participants walked away full of ideas of actions to take and connected to a network of people who are all keen to pull together as an industry to build sustainability into its core.

The closing statement from the chair, Gabriel Grimsditch from the UN Environment, was that taking steps towards sustainability for your business does not need to cost money, and will actually act to build profits in the medium and long term.

Contact: Chloe Harvey, Programmes Manager at The Reef-World Foundation chloe@reef-world.org