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Reef restoration videos from the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program, Australia


Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program, Australian Government

A series of heartfelt video interviews with reef restoration experts from around the world who presented recently at the Great Barrier Reef Restoration Symposium in Cairns, Australia, are now available for viewing and sharing here.

The 3-5 minute videos include:

  • How the Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program could help the Great Barrier Reef resist, repair and recover from the impacts of climate change, with program director David Mead.
  • Helping corals adapt to warmer water with Dr Line Bay, Australian Institute of Marine Science.
  • Modelling for reef restoration and adaptation with The University of Queensland’s Professor Pete Mumby.
  • How and why Mars Inc. is leading coral restoration in Sulawesi, Indonesia, with Frank Mars.
  • The importance of community engagement with Guam Coral Reef Resilience Coordinator Whitney Hoot
  • Restoring 100-year-old coral in just two years with Dr David Vaughan, Mote Marine Laboratory.

Below is the two-minute ‘Why restore reefs?’ video.