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Dive4Love, China


Dive For Love (China Shenzhen Dapeng Coral Conservation Volunteer Federation)

Dive for Love is a coral conservation volunteer program, and because 2018 is the third IYOR, we wanted to share the activities we are engaged in to protect coral reefs. We have two programmes:

Dive4Love Coral Conservation

The Dive4Love Coral Conservation program consists of:

  1. Cultivating coral fragments,
  2. Coastal ecosystem maintenance,
  3. Coral reef clean-ups and,
  4. Coral reef monitoring.

By providing training and certifications, ordinary divers can be transformed into citizen scientists who are able to help protect coral reefs. It allows a broader, safer, more scientific and sustainable approach for coral reef conservation. Dive4Love has already trained a number of divers in coral cultivation and reef monitoring. We have also created two coral protected areas containing 5737 coral fragments.

Cultivating coral fragments- Coral conservation divers course
Cultivating coral fragments- Coral conservation divers course






Coral conservation diver course

In 2017 and 2018, we organized 16 reef clean-ups to remove specifically ghost fishing nets, but also any other trash/debris seen. During which we collected more than 1100kg of ghost net and trash.

Members separating trash removed from reefs during a reef clean-up dive
Divers removing ghost fishing nets and debris from reefs






To date, more than 1100kg of ghost net and trash have been removed during reef clean-up dives
Dive4Love Lectures

The Dive4Love Lectures is an introductory course of basic marine ecology based on local fishing village culture. It consists of in-school lectures, intertidal zone field trips and public forums. By integrating interesting games with every lecture, more and more people are motivated to learn more about the ocean.

Ocean consciousness course Intertidal field trip
Ocean consciousness course training







Since 2015, Dive4Love Lectures has covered all nine-year compulsory education primary schools within Dapeng New District for over 571 in-school lectures, involving more than 25330 students.

Ocean consciousness school course

The Dive4Love Coral Conservation Station has been awarded the title of “National Marine Ecology Education Base”, “Shenzhen Scientific Education Base” as well as “ Shenzhen Teenager Extracurricular Education Base”.

On the 4th of December Dive4Love won the Ford Conservation & Environmental Grants, China (CEGC) 2018 in Beijing.

Morgan Jiaxiang Xia, General Secretay of Dive4Love accepting the Ford Conservation &Environmental Grants, China (CEGC) 2018