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2018 Science Without Borders® Challenge: Meet the Middle School Winners


Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

International Coral Reef Society

Each year the Khaled bin Sultan’s Living Oceans Foundation launches a Science Without Borders® Arts Challenge. An international student art competition that highlights important ocean conservation issues. This year they teamed up with the International Coral Reef Initiative for the theme “Why Coral Reefs Matter”. The theme was chosen to highlight the importance of coral reefs as part of the International Year of the Reef (IYOR) celebrations.

Over 600 entries were received, with a winner and two runner’s up announced from the High School and Middle School categories. We are pleased to introduce you to our Middle School winners!

1st Place Winner

Xiyan Wang, Age 13, China

Xiyan Wang

Q: Why did you enter the Science Without Borders® Challenge?

A: My teacher recommended I enter this competition. I really like this competition because I love painting so much and I care about pollution problems. I hope more people will care about the environment through this competition.

First Place: Saviour of Human Beings, Xiyan Wang, 13, China

Q: What inspired you to create your art piece for the Science Without Borders® Challenge?

A: I travelled with my parents to places, such as Bahamas, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, and a national park in Malaysia. I saw many coral reefs pale and die. I am very worried about that situation. Coral reefs can protect coastlines, and human survival could be at risk if they disappear. In addition, I once had an octopus doll which I loved very much, so he became the protagonist in my artwork.


2nd Place Winner

Daven Sohng, Age 14, US

Daven Sohng

Q: How many times have you entered our Science Without Borders® Challenge?

A: This was my first time entering in the Science Without Borders® Challenge, and I was pleasantly surprised to get 2nd place. I’ll definitely enter again in the future.

 Q: Why did you enter the Science Without Borders® Challenge and what inspired you to create your art piece?

Second Place: The valuable grasp of coral, Daven Song, 14, US

A: I entered into this contest because a family friend, told me about this contest and hyped me up to enter. The ocean is always a place that fascinates and inspires me. Even though I live in Las Vegas, I have family that lives on the west coast. Visiting them always was a wonderful experience, because I was able to see the ocean, which I very rarely see. These cherished memories of going to the ocean always manage to inspire me.

Q: Do you plan to pursue a career in art or science? If so, how?

A: I plan to become an illustrator or storyboard creator in the future.


3rd Place Winner

Amy Xiang,

Amy Xiang

Q: Why did you enter the Science Without Borders® Challenge and what inspired you to create your art piece?

Third Place: Reaching Up, Amy Xiang, 13, Canada

A: Mr. Liu first introduced the Science Without Borders® Challenge to me. I was pretty concerned about it, because I didn’t know anything about coral reefs. So that week, I asked my tutor about it, and I found out that corals are really important to both animals and humans. And so, I decided to enter the contest and I have expressed my feelings about coral reefs through my art piece.

  Q: How did you start making art? 

A: I was first interested in art when I was 4 years old, which led me to VSA Studio where I met Mr. Liu. During that time, I entered a Mother’s Day coloring contest and received second place. This gave me a much-needed confidence boost and I’ve been passionate about drawing ever since.

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