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IYOR 2018 Logos


The IYOR logo is available below in different electronic formats. The logo in an .eps format needs to be requested to the IYOR Coordinator.

The logo can be used for promotion of IYOR materials, events and activities only. If you are unsure about its application, please contact the IYOR coordinator.

For our records, it would be appreciated of you would notify the IYOR coordinator, when you using the IYOR logo.

Translation of the logo

The ICRI Secretariat encourages the translation of the logo if needed. To do so, please follow the guidelines to translate the IYOR 2018 Logo. We encourage you to provide us the logos translated for inclusion in this page in order to share them with IYOR partners. Thank you.



Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands








To request a print-ready version of the logo, please contact us.


Acknowledgement of Artwork

We would like to thank the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MoE) and Mr. Masami Nakamine, the winner of the IYOR logo contest. Mr. Nakamine, the Art Director and Designer at Project Core Inc., designed the logo, in response to a contest organized by ICRI. 27 proposals from around the world were received. The final vote for the logo was made during the ICRI General Meeting held in Japan in April 2007. Project Core Inc., a design company, was founded in July 1978 by Mr. Bokunen Naka, a famous woodblock print artist (for more information, click here). The Japanese IYOR Poster (below), is using the work of Bokunen Naka.

Learn more about Bokunen Naka