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March for the Ocean (M4O) – multiple cities


June 9, 2018

Event Website

On Saturday 9th June many cities from around the world will be Marching for the Ocean (M4O).

March for the Ocean is about the survival of our blue planet.  But it’s also about the fact that it’s not too late to turn the tide – restore and protect what we love

Cities signed up include; several cities across the United States including Washington D.C. and Oahu, Hawaii, London, UK, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the Bahamas.

To find out if there is a march being organised near you click here.

The leading march is held in Washington D.C., USA and is aiming to shine a light on reckless offshore oil drilling being pursued and to promote job-generating clean energy, to call for large-scale reduction in plastic waste that is killing ocean wildlife and to promote protection and restoration of our coastlines in the face of rising seas and intensified hurricanes like last year’s Harvey, Irma and Maria.



The World Federation for Coral Reef Conservation


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