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Cycle of the Ocean, Sciences Po Paris – “The ocean, a strenuous territory for freedom”


October 1, 2018 - October 5, 2018


27, rue Saint Guillaume, 75007 Paris and 13, rue de l'Université, 75005 Paris.

Sciences Po Paris (Paris Institute of Political Science) will host, the first week of October 2018, its first set of conferences on the Ocean. Under the patronage of Serge Segura, the Ambassador in charge of oceanic negotiations for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the conferences will tackle themes related to the Ocean as diverse as defense, energy, biodiversity, globalisation, and law. Through these central ocean related subjects, engineers, professors, politicians, writers, diplomates, etc. will offer their unique perspective surrounding central question emanating from their respective discipline. At the end of each day, the speakers will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with one another and the audience to offer pertinent and multidisciplinary analysis. As such, it is the hope that those enlightened views will inspire curious and passionate individuals from the school and outside.

This series of lectures will be structured around 5 facets of ocean-related issues:

Climate change and maritime public policies
Marine Biodiversity (with an entire panel on coral reef threat and protection)
The ocean as a strategic military space
Ocean and Globalisation
Ocean and Renewable energy: unlimited energy source and difficult challenges




Côme Girschig (