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“Coral reefs in all of their states” an evening of coral reefs in Paris, France


December 18, 2018


195 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005, Paris

France’s Scientific eminence Serge Planes, director of the CRIOBE (Center for Insular Research and Environment Observatory), and Lambert Wilson, an acclaimed actor who is passionate about marine ecosystems, will host an evening dedicated to coral reefs in the Oceanographic Institute, in Paris.

The evening will include talks by Serge Planes, a screening of “Beyond French Polynesia’s coral reefs, life”, by Philippe Sintes. The documentary explores the importance of corals in French Polynesia’s culture and marine ecosystems. During this documentary, we meet Polynesians of various origins (fishermen, association managers, marine area managers, scientists, divers, lagoon owners, etc.). They tell us about their fears, their overwhelming observations of the degradation of the reefs in the last ten years due to global changes. They tell us about their hopes as well with solutions and prospects for possible evolutions.

There will also be a review of a French Polynesian art exhibition centred around coral reefs.

The event has been organised by:
PSL Paris University
LabEx Corail – Coral Laboratory for Excellence
Oceanographic Institute, Albert the 1st Foundation, Prince of Monaco

Alexis Rosenfeld
Tara Expeditions


Oceanographic Institute, Albert the 1st Foundation, Prince of Monaco


Corinne Bussi-Copin (c.copin@oceano.org)