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Coral Reefs in the face of Global Change, New Caledonia


April 3, 2018 - July 31, 2018


101 avenue Roger Laroque 98800 NOUMEA NEW CALEDONIA
New Caledonia (French)

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The exhibition entitled “Coral reefs in the face of climate change” was designed by the CORAIL Laboratory of Excellence, of which Institut Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) is a partner, with Ifrecor and the Monaco Scientific Center. It is supported by the Total Foundation and aims to raise public awareness of the threats to the coral environment.

True “tropical forests of the sea”, coral reefs are key players in the preservation of biodiversity in the marine environment. Although covering only 0.02% of the planet, they are the richest and most diverse ecosystem. In addition, they constitute a natural heritage essential to the economic, social and cultural life of the neighbouring populations.

Climate change is an unprecedented threat to coral reefs, which are suffering from the effects of increasingly violent tropical cyclones, which are bleaching and dying as a result of rising temperatures, and are sensitive to ocean-induced ocean acidification. the increase of dissolved CO2 in the ocean.

The Laboratory of Excellence “Coral Reefs in the Face of Global Change” (CORAIL) aims to improve research on coral ecosystems with a view to their sustainable management. LabEx CORAIL associates all French overseas territories involved in research on coral reefs via 5 institutes (EPHE, CNRS, IRD, EHESS, Ifremer) and 4 universities (UAG, UNC, UR, UPF). The exhibition presents the observations and results of the researchers.

Initially composed of 31 panels, sixteen were selected for roaming in New Caledonia in 2018 during the International Year of the Reef and the anniversary of the ten years of New Caledonia’s World Heritage listing. They present coral ecosystems, disturbances to climate change, and awareness and education about threats.

The exhibition will be visible from 3rd April until 31st July, in the hall of the IRD center of Nouméa.


Institut Recherche pour le Développement


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