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Coral reef documentary screening, Mayotte


September 7, 2018 - September 8, 2018


07/09/2018 : Place de l'artidant, 97640 Sada, MAYOTTE 08/09/2018 : Plateau sportif, 97625 Kani-Kéli, Mayotte

Mayotte’s Environmental and Habitat Planning Agency along with Natural Marine Park of Mayotte and Ciné Masafiri will host two evenings dedicated to coral reefs and the threats they face.

It will take place in Kani-Kéli’s sports center on September the 7th and in Artisanat Place in Sada on September the 8th, at 19H30 on both dates.

The aim of this event is to raise awareness among local children and adults about coral reef preservation. This is particularly important in Mayotte, an island that has an extremely rich natural heritage, and that gives a crucial cultural value to it.

Program :

1/ Short film projection :

2/ Debate and questions with Jeanne et Karani, two agents of the French agency for Biodiversity working at the Marine Natural Parc of Mayotte.

3) Documentary film projection : “Mayotte when the coral bleaches”


Mayotte's Environmental and Habitat Planning Agency (DEAL), Natural Marine Park of Mayotte and Ciné Masafiri


Pierre Bouvais (